Transportable Offices

Suitable for all industries, we custom build comfortable and practical office spaces to suit your needs.  The transportable offices are designed to meet the needs of busy workers and can include kitchenettes, toilets and storage facilities. 

Browse through the list of available plans and inclusions or contact us today for a customised design and quote.  

OUR Process


Each building is constructed in DC Constructions shed fully completed ready to be loaded onto a truck, we can provide set prices for our standard plans otherwise quote custom designs.


Every site is different. If we are transporting your building to your site, the route will need to be assessed and a quote provided for transport. Our quotes include assessing access to your site and the method of unloading the building. For example, if a crane is required or if there is room to unload direct off the truck.


Once the site and the position on the site is known we then quote to install the building as required. A finished floor level (FFL) will also be determined at this point for quoting purposes for steps, handrails, and posts etc. These items are quoted specifically for each job as they vary depending on FFL and site conditions.

Connection to Services

If we are connecting the building to services we can then obtain quotes based off the site position and requirements for power, water, sewer OR septic.